I’ve seen my fair share of tacky kids hats. Ugly, cheesy or plain poor quality.

And so began my mission - to create the perfect SnapBack hat range for little people.

Cute. Comfortable. Classic.

The perfect year-round accessories for your little one and you.

Hats with classic, clean designs that can be paired with many outfits – because no parent wants to spend a fortune on accessories.

Hats using quality materials, made to last – because you want the best for your baby, and you can pass it on to your next baby or a baby friend.

Hats with a moisture-absorbing sweatband, to cushion your active baby’s head.

Hats in adult size too, so you and baby can be the most stylish pair at the park.

And hats with a purpose. Every hat is named after a trait or value we want to see in our children, with it’s simplified definition printed on the inside of the hat, to remind us of the characters we’re building in our children.

Whether for your baby, your friend, or you, these SnapBack hats are guaranteed to up your cool factor by 10.

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