Hi! I’m Emily.

I’m a wife, a mother of two gorgeous curly haired babies, and we live out in the Central West of Australia.


My husband was always a lover of snapback hats. When our firstborn joined us earthside, I started looking for a snapback hat for him to match his dad in.

Alas, all I found were baby and toddler hats riddled with tacky patterns and bright colours – none of which would match with the rest of his wardrobe.

Hence, Small Road was born.

Small Road exists for the lovers of life, young and old. The ones who want to squeeze all the good moments out of every day. The ones who want to enjoy every step of the journey, no matter how it looks. For the ones who play outside until the sun goes down, and the ones who drink coffee in the afternoon to stay awake a little longer. 

Let’s enjoy the road together.