Kellie Adler - #SmallRoadStories

#SmallRoadStories are the celebration of you - the mum, the dad, the aunty, the uncle, the carer, the grandma, the friend. The person leading the little one down the small road. We all have different ways of doing it - but when it’s done with love and intention, it’s always worth celebrating. In #SmallRoadStories we'll capture a picture in the life of someone somewhere along their journey of raising children. 

The first of our #SmallRoadStories is about Kellie - the mum of a toddler named Daisy, and the owner of Euphoria, a hair salon in the Blue Mountains. We met with her at the salon and she shared a bit about her creative and full life as a wife, mother and business owner. 

Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Kel, I'm 25, Virgo, extremely optimistic.

I'm married to a beautiful man named Nick and we have a baby girl named Daisy Grace. I love all things creative, making and baking, and hair especially. I love helping others and making a difference to people's days and how they feel. I’m constantly busy dream chasing.

You're only 25 and own a salon, at one point employing 7 hairdressers. Can you tell me about how you arrived here?

Oh gosh, I was around 6 when I would tell anyone that would listen that I was going to have a salon called 'Kel's Cut's & Curls'... embarrassing, right?

Still has a little space in my heart though.

I finished school in year 10, starting full time at a salon called Euphoria, where I’d been helping out for the last two years.

I’ve always been hungry to learn new things and push myself creatively along the way, with education being something I had to have on the go. I’m always thinking, what's next? The opportunity came up to take over Euphoria, and I can still remember most of the thoughts that went through my head, the main one being the opportunity. So, off I went to sign on the line.

I was 19, naive with a whole lot of crazy dreams. I have been surrounded by small business my whole life, with only hopes of being able to run something as successful and humble as my parents (totally different industry, but with the same principles).

Almost 7 years later, with many relationships made, twists and turns, highest of highs and fair share of lows, rewards and challenges and the best memories I could ask for - here we are, still in total disbelief and happiness of that decision 7 years ago.

What's your favourite thing about motherhood?

They say it's our role as a mother to guide our babies and shape them into the little people they will be. I love that we help shape each other and grow together. I love that she gives me perspective and reminds me to love, laugh, use my imagination and feel a happiness like no other. 

What is the most challenging thing about motherhood?

Mother guilt. I think we all feel it in some form.

I get these intense feelings, like, what I am doing isn't enough, am I there for her enough?

Is it bad that I can't give her routine?

Is it bad that I couldn't breastfeed for as long as we would have liked with returning back to work so soon?

Did I bond with her enough as a newborn?

Is it all enough? She's so loved, healthy and happy so maybe it is, but it is definitely something I face daily as I'm sure others do too.

How have you found balancing business and baby?

In all honesty this is where I am at now - really trying to create a balance. It is a constant juggling act trying to give my very best to my baby, my husband, my employees, my clients and my family. I am attempting to give 100%, but I don't know if I am succeeding spreading and instead myself too thin… Although, your very best will not always be enough for some will it.

I wish I had the magic answer of how others could find a balance in their crazy lives, but I am still seeking it too. I definitely know that concentrating on being present and taking in each happy moment feels like you've grabbed a sparkly bit of balance.

Many mums have a baby and decide to start a business, to enable them to stay at home or have more flexible hours. What would you say to mums choosing to go this path?

Make sure it is something you are truly passionate about and believe in- not your friend, your mum, you!

You actually believing in your idea and having a passion for it, is absolute key to your venture working.

Belief is contagious - heck I want to be in on it already and I don't even know what the idea is.

Start with a vision board, write every thought and idea down as it goes in the direction of a mini business plan. You need all of your clear expectations in place for them to go even slightly how you would like to. Set your goals and targets and review the outcomes.

Finding a network of supportive like minded women is so important, you don't want your idea of working from home to make you feel isolated - you need to feel supported and inspired.

Lastly, keep it solo where possible unless you find someone extremely like minded. Your business is your baby, you are still going to be finding out a lot of new things about yourself and finding what works, rather than worrying about the impact on others, you can find your feet. You need all the energy you have to nurture the new journey.

What's a typical day in the life of you like?

A beautiful chaotic blessing.

My day always starts with my husband and Daisy laughing and being silly before we get ready for our days, then I have to try and be really organised or I can feel quite anxious. I always have a list which I do the night before because that way I'm much more practical thinking ahead than on the day.

Daisy spends a lot of time with our parents while we are working. I love my days with my clients chatting and creating - it fuels my soul. The days I am not in the salon I am still there in some capacity - emails, enquiries, bills, paperwork, stock control, even if just my wandering mind, it really doesn't stop. On these days though Daisy is my little sidekick, and we do all the normal house chores and always try and squeeze some yummy treat making into the mix.

Our days have early, early starts and late endings, always finishing with tired eyes but full hearts.

What’s one thing you wish people told you before you had a baby?  

Hold onto every single second that little bit tighter.

And lastly, what's your favourite Small Road snapback? 

Our fave Small Road SnapBack is the pink of course, along with all its ethics with the wording of 'charity' inside, to remind her to help others.